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Feb 3, 2018

New NUMB Tee's

Go to our SHOP page and you can now buy our new 'Irieprofen' T-Shirt in black or white, men's and women's, in small, medium or large! After placing your order you will be sent an email requesting your gender and size required.

Jan 29, 2018

2018 Dates!

Nov 14, 2017


The first leg of our 'Irieprofen' Tour starts next week kicking off in Exeter at The Bowling Green. We'll be playing songs from the new album and have 7 dates before 2018. We can't wait, and hope to see you there!

Oct 26, 2017

New Album Out Now!!

New Album Out Now!!

Sep 22, 2017


Our brand new album 'IRIEPROFEN' is out now available on iTunes, Amazon or Spotify.

Please follow the link below to purchase the album.

Aug 2, 2017

Album update!

N.U.M.B.'s new album 'Irieprofen' is being mastered and a release date is pending! All thirteen tracks are due back any day now which means news of the release date is close! We are currently filming for music videos to accompany the release so watch this space for more news!

Jul 11, 2017

Album Cover

Our new album is on the way and the artwork for the hardcopy is nearly complete! Here's a sneak preview of the cover for N.U.M.B.'s new album - 'Irieprofen'.

Apr 1, 2017

Album update!

This week has just been epic for NUMB. We have just about, nearly, apart from a few mixing discussions, finished our fourth studio album. It's been over three years since our last album 'Fruit of the Boom' and it's been a gargantuan task recording our fourth but we're listening to the mixes this week and walking around with massive smiles on our faces, the excitement clearly building! Our heads have been buried in what we reckon is by far our best album so far - we really have given this one our all! We are playing at The Old Pier Tavern in Burnham this weekend, where all of the band will get a copy of the album to take away and listen to for the next three weeks. Notes will be made, changes will be afoot, but rest assured the record will be off to the mastering process in a months time and then an official release date will be announced!!! Pre-order details will be posted, hard copies will be printed and an album launch will occur! In the meantime, you can catch us at one of our shows this summer... big musical hugs all round.

Feb 4, 2017

January 2017

What an amazing start we've had to 2017. Our calendar at NUMB HQ is filling up nicely... We've around 40 live dates put on our TOUR page already and have lots more dates to be confirmed. There's a few more acoustic dates this year aswell, so check out the page for a live show near you. Also this year we are excited to announce that AJ Richie who appeared on our last album will be appearing at many of our live shows, acoustic and full band dates, whilst also making a few appearances on our new album which is due out this year!!

The album is coming along beautifully and we are now in the final stages of production for most of the tracks, and apart from a vocal, guitar and bass session the songs are now sounding like a record! We've been sat here most days this month listening to the mixes and writing notes and we happy to say that all of the hard work is paying off and it is all sounding fab!!

Also this month we've recorded a couple of acoustic cover songs which you can watch via our YOUTUBE channel. The first one we recorded was our version of George Michael's song 'Faith'. We thought that given the recent sad passing of George, the song title and our own belief in music that the choice of track was very fitting. As of our second choice - Adele's 'Someone Like You' the videos feature AJ Richie, Yaz Elle and Ben from the band. They were great fun to record and play and we look forward to playing the songs at our upcoming acoustic shows!!

We've also spent the last couple of months in meetings for our new Official Music Video, scribbling down scripts, scenes and ideas and have also had our first shoot which was a days shoot filming Yaz for her very first scene of the video. We saw the first test shot earlier this week and we are very excited for the release of the video and song! The song is called 'Having a Ball' and the video will hopefully be released prior to the album in a few months time! In addition, there is talk in the NUMB camp for the next music video so watch this space for more news, and remember...

Never Underestimate Musical Belief!

Jan 3, 2017


We had an epic year in 2016 and we're hoping that this year is an even better one for N.U.M.B. This year sees the release of N.U.M.B.'s fourth studio album, lots of new Tour Dates and brand new music videos!!

Watch this space for news on the album launch and video release dates... We'll also be adding lots of dates to the Tour page so keep an eye on the going's on in the NUMB camp!