Formed in 2007, N.U.M.B. (Never Underestimate Musical Belief) are a live alternative Hip Hop band successfully fusing Reggae, Rap, DnB and Folk. With a reputation for energetic, foot stomping live performances, sublime grooves and infectious songs that stick in your head, N.U.M.B. bring the festival vibe to any event.

With over 700 live performances under their belt, they’ve honed their craft and have supported Arrested Development, Peter Andre, Mica Paris, Frank Turner, The Beat, and Finley Quaye to name a few. They’re a festival favourite too boasting appearances at Glastonbury, 02 Wireless Festival, Beach Break Live, Solfest, Farmer Phil’s Festival and they’ve been nominated for Best Band of the Year and Best Album of the Year at The South West Music Awards. They came 2nd in the UK heat of Global Battle of the Bands and got to the final 10 bands from 30,000 in the 02 Wireless Unsigned Competition. N.U.M.B. have are also sponsored by UK guitar manufacturer Faith Guitars and ethical urban clothing firm The Hemp Trading Company.

N.U.M.B. have recorded 4 studio albums to date and pride themselves on their song writing ability. Their song ‘Night Time’ featured in Brit Comedy Film ‘Three and Out’ starring McKenzie Crook, Imelda Staunton, Gemma Arterton and Colm Meany. The band attended the world premiere on the red carpet in Leicester Square and their song was also featured on the accompany film sound track CD alongside Blondie and Elvis Costello.

Queen and Beatles producer Malcolm Toft said N.U.M.B. were the best thing he’d heard in over 10 years and Muse producer Paul Reeve said “N.U.M.B. effortlessly combine urban vibes with classic song writing. The melodies make you think that the world is a wonderful place, the lyrics make you realise it’s not. If you’re not impressed, then you’re just not listening...”

Often described as a collective and with frequent feature guest artists such as Ray Beavis, MC Wyzeleigh, Samantics, Matt Finnish, Mary Bowles, and Jim Berry N.U.M.B. provide unforgettable, dynamic live performances, churning out oodles of addictive songs and that rare good feel factor.

 N.U.M.B. – a belief in music and on a mission to supply the goods...

"Probably my most favourite live band performance ever..." - James Santer, BBC Radio




"The best thing I’ve heard in over 10 years. Fantastic...” - MALCOLM TOFT, QUEEN/BEATLES PRODUCER

 "These guys are hot. Wonderful vibes! They really rock..." - SPEECH, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT

"You guys have got a really good things going.A great show..." - FINLEY QUAYE

"Since SO SOLID CREW, I've been given literally thousands of demo's to listen to. My car was absolutely full of them. Not only did I listen to more than the first 20 seconds of NUMB's album, I listened to the whole thing, then took it back to my hotel room, and listened to the whole album all over again. Amazing ..." - ASHLEY WALTERS, ACTOR / MUSICIAN

“N.U.M.B. effortlessly combine classic songwriting with urban vibes. The melodies make you think the world’s a wonderful place, the lyrics make you realise it’s not. If you’re not impressed, then you’re just not listening...” - PAUL REEVE, MUSE PRODUCER

"Our idea of the PERFECT festival band..." - NIBLEY FESTIVAL

"I've played N.U.M.B. more times on my show than any other band..." - ROB WHEELER, BBC RADIO DEVON

"I really enjoyed the set. I'm definitely going to listen to your CD in my car..." - HRH PRINCE HARRY

"Excellent band. Great songs..." - RIK WAKEMAN